Crane Hunting in the Texas Panhandle

The best guided sandhill crane hunting in the nation

Longneck Outfitters offers some of the best guided sandhill crane hunting in the nation. Sandhill cranes start arriving in mid-October and are here in full force by early November.


The southern Texas panhandle is a major wintering area for cranes. Once they arrive they very rarely leave, some stay till mid march before trekking back north. We use the best decoys possible to provide the best hunt. Crane hunts are offered in the morning and evening. Some hunts are conducted over water, but the majority take place in corn, milo and wheat fields.


Due to the extreme wariness of these birds we limit the amount of hunters per outing. We prefer 3-5 hunters per hunt to insure a quality hunt. We have harvested 550+ sandhill cranes in the last two seasons. It is also possible to shoot a few bonus geese or ducks during crane hunts. Sandhill’s are big, tough birds and can carry a lot of shot, so we recommend BB’s or hevi-shot 4-BB for these bad boys. Shots can range from less than 10 yards to 35-40 yards. Call longneck outfitters today to book the crane hunt of a lifetime.


2016-2017 Seasons - Cranes

The season runs from November to February with a limit of three cranes. Texas Crane hunts will be conducted over mounted/stuffed birds. in the past two seasons we have harvested 550+ Sandhill cranes. maximum group of five, minimum of three people for crane hunts to insure a quality and enjoyable hunt.


Contact us to book your Crane hunting adventure in the Texas Panhandle.