Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to come?

How many people will I be hunting with?

If you are hunting in a mixed party there will be no more than six hunters in the spread. If you have a party of six or more you will not be mixed with other people and you can have as many people in a spread as you want. We can accommodate up to 30 hunters per day. We recommend no more than 10 per spread. If you have more than 10, we can definitely accommodate you, but we will hunt you in separate groups.

Can I get a group discount?

Discounts will apply to hunts consisting of 15 or more hunter days. (15 for 1day, 8 for 2 days, 5 for 3 days, etc). Call for details on booking a large hunt.

Do you have a discount for Kids?

Can I bring my dog?

Am I guaranteed a limit?

No. We are hunting wild birds and nothing is for sure. Also many times shots are missed. Many people are not used to shooting with heavy clothes on or from a reclined position. Even though geese are large birds they have a relatively small kill zone and you need to be on target to bring them down. No matter how good the hunting is there is going to be the occasional bad day. That being said we want you to be happy. If for some reason you have an unsuccessful goose hunt then you will have the option of paying half price and walking away, or paying full price and coming back for free another day. Unsuccessful hunts will be determined by the staff on a case by case basis. Often times the success of a hunt can not be judged on the bag. If a party has plenty of shooting opportunities at birds that are in range but does not have a large bag then it is not an unsuccessful hunt. On average 95% of goose hunts shoot 2 or more birds per person and 90% shoot limits. In the past 6 years we have only had 3 hunts that did not shoot a single bird.

What about bird processing?

What conditions will we be hunting in?

We hunt dry corn, milo, wheat, peanut and soybean fields. We drive into the fields and everyone helps set out the spread using the lights of the trucks. Typically we have dry weather but be prepared for rain or snow. We hunt using Final Approach blinds and/or padded goose chairs with ghille blankets. You will not be laying on bare ground. You will not need waders. We do not hide you in muddy levies like many are accustomed to hunting on the coast.

What about afternoon duck hunts?

We do not provide afternoon duck hunts. In our experience they are not nearly as productive as morning duck hunts. We would love to have extra business but we don't want to sell hunts that we do not believe are top quality. For hunters wanting an afternoon activity we recommend a pheasant hunt with Broken Wing Outfitters. Many of our hunters hunt in the afternoon for pheasant with great success.

What shotgun/shells should I bring?

The most common choice is a 12 ga with 3" shells and #2 steel shot with an improved cylinder or modified choke. People have had success with 20 gauges. Full chokes and large shot are not needed. They actually hurt your chances as your pattern will be very small at the typical ranges we shoot at. Hevi -Shot and similar products are great and will really smack the birds but they are not necessary. For Cranes we recommend modified chokes and steel BB's or Lead 2's. Do not bring lead on a goose or duck hunt.

Why should I book a hunt with Longneck Outfitters?

It is very difficult for weekend hunters to be successful at hunting geese. Their patterns change daily and many miles must be covered to locate concentrations of birds. We have several people scouting and hunting daily and know where the birds are at and what patterns they are following. Additionally there is a large amount of expensive equipment needed to be successful. The equipment you will be hunting with costs approximately $10,000 and is not practical for the occasional hunter to purchase. Finally, your guides have hundreds of days experience in the field and know how to get the birds in to the decoys. There are many variables to deal with when hunting geese and without a lot of experience it is difficult to know what to do in a given situation.



I have booked a hunt - what happens next?

Make sure you have your required license and stamps. We do not sell licenses or stamps. Unless we tell you otherwise you should stay in Lubbock. Contact us at (806)789-5531 between 7 and 8PM the day before your hunt. We will not know where we will be meeting or at what time until the guides come in from the evening scouting. Typically we meet at an area convenience store or your motel 1.5 hours before legal shooting time but this varies depending on where we are hunting. If you need breakfast, gas, etc do this before our meeting time. We schedule our meeting times as late as possible while still giving us enough time to get set up before the birds get there. Be on time and be ready to go.



No alcohol may be consumed before or during a hunt. Alcohol is not permitted on the grounds we hunt on. We risk losing our lease if you even consume alcohol back at the trucks after the hunt. Save it until you get back to the motel or the restaurant. We do not provide food of any kind but many people like to bring snacks or a thermos of coffee. After the hunt we often all go eat at a local restaurant.


What is your cancellation policy?

Our demand exceeds our capabilities. When you book a date we end up turning away other customers that want that date. As such deposits are non refundable. Also deposits are for the number you specify. For example if you send in a deposit for 6 hunters and only 4 show up, the other 2 hunter's deposit is forfeited and can not be credited towards the balance due on the four hunters.



We typically have two guides per party. This allows us to call more and keep things running smoothly. Guides are paid but they do appreciate your tips. Tip your guide depending on what you thought of his performance. $10 to $20 per hunter is an average tip.



What is there to do in Lubbock?

Aside from waterfowl and Pheasant hunting Lubbock has many restaurants and bars. Lubbock is a college town so you can find nightlife any night of the week.

What should I wear?

The weather can change rapidly. Average low temps are in the twenties and we average less than 3/4" rain per month during hunting season. Be prepared for foul weather and chilly mornings with winds averaging around 10 mph. We provide you with blinds so camo is not necessary but camo hats and face masks are good to have.