Goose Hunting in the Texas Panhandle

A Waterfowler's Dream Hunt

Goose hunting the Texas panhandle is a waterfowlers dream. This part of Texas winters substantial numbers of Canada geese, snow geese, ross geese, and specklebellies. The predominant concentrations consist of greater Canada's, short grass prairie Canada's (lessers), and lesser snow geese.


Our hunts take place over an 8 county area in the southern Texas panhandle. Our headquarters is located in Lubbock, TX, but we follow the birds as they shift from one area to another. We try to hunt as many new areas as possible to insure quality hunting throughout the entire season. All goose hunting takes place in the morning only. This gives us ample time to locate the next days fields. We do hunt water on occasion, but it is dependent on the overall water sources available.


Most fields we hunt will hold 2000-4000 birds, and when they leave the roost they normally come out in groups of 50-250. there is nothing quite like 200 birds hanging over the dekes, the sound they produce is deafening. 5 out of the last 6 years, 90% of our clients have harvested limits on their hunts. It is possible to harvest bonus ducks and cranes during a goose hunt, so be prepared for anything. Recommended shot sizes for geese are 1-BB. Call today to book a goose hunt with Longneck Outfitters.


We provide decoys, dogs, blinds, and calling. Our spread consists of Big Foot full body decoys and Real Geese Pro-Series silhouettes. We use Final Approach blinds and padded goose chairs with ghillie blankets to keep you comfortable and hidden. We use only the best equipment to increase your chances of a successful hunt. We pride ourselves it getting the birds up close and in your face.


You need to bring your shotgun with an improved cylinder or modified choke, steel shot in sizes 2 - BB, and your hunting license with both state and federal waterfowl stamps. HIP certification is also required (free). It is also a good idea to pick up a free crane permit because you never know when one of these big boys decides to wander into the spread.


Always be prepared for bad weather. We hunt mainly corn, milo, and wheat fields so they are usually dry unless we get foul weather. Warm boots and gloves are a necessity. Waders are needed for duck hunts. An ice chest for your birds, a camera, and gun cleaning supplies are also good to bring along.


2016-2017 Seasons - Geese

Goose season runs from the first Monday in February thru March 1st.


Daily Bag Limit: 5 Canada's, 1 Speck and 20 snows.