Longneck Outfitters: Our Guides

This guide service is second to none

Scott Curtsinger

Scott Curtsinger has been hunting the Southern Texas Panhandle since the age of 9 and brings 30+ years of waterfowling experience in this region to the table. He is also the owner of Longneck Outfitters. After shooting his first sandhill crane at an early age he became addicted to learning the ways of of ducks, geese, and cranes. Scott started out jump shooting tanks, pass shooting geese and cranes, and after a few years he broke down and purchased a few dozen shells, then he was ruined for life. Scott has guided hunters from North Dakota to Texas looks forward to each approaching season as if it was his first. Scott is a pro-staffer for Foiles Migrators duck and goose calls and Final Approach.

Dusty Brown

My name is Dusty Brown. I'm from Pendleton Oregon. Over that last 15 years I have guided water fowl hunters from Alberta to Texas. I started out leasing my own duck pond as a Jr. high student with money I made working in a pizza restaurant. I hunted my high school and collage years, basically self taught until I started competition calling. With help from Bill Saunders Calls and Final Approach owner Ron Latschaw I started traveling to contest across the Northwest. I was fortunate enough to win my very first time on stage. With a few other wins along the way in two man contest I was hooked. In 2001 I won the first ever Oregon State Goose. I was humbled in 2002 & 2003 at the Worlds Goose in Easton MD. Meeting 50 of the top callers in the nation was a great learning experience. Finishing mid pack I'm eager to return some day. I have guided in the Texas Panhandle since 1999. Just recently I was offered a chance to work with Longneck Outfitters. As of 2009 I have worked with the premier waterfowl outfitter in Texas. I have realized in the past three years If you love your job, it no longer is a JOB.... Providing the opportunity to hunters from across the nation has become a passion. Chasing ducks, geese and cranes in the "Panhandle" is as good as water fowling gets. I look forward to offering you a safe and enjoyable opportunity. When you hunt with Longneck Outfitters be ready for fast and steady action in the way of snow geese, Ross geese, cranes and ducks....We don't just shoot a limit of Canada's and call it day. Because we RUN BIG.... AND RUN WIDE......

Daniel Wiseman

My name is Daniel Wiseman, and I was born and raised in a small, western Texas panhandle town where I enjoy a life of farming and ranching. While agriculture is my day job, my passion is hunting. Elk, deer, antelope and fly fishing for trout occupy much of my time, but, come waterfowl season there is only one thing on my mind. I am happy to be joining Longneck this season to guide duck and goose hunts. I have been hunting the regional playa lakes and goose fields since high school and have the experience and expertise to put the birds on the strap. I love the sport of hunting, and nothing excites me more than to put a smile on the face of a successful hunter.

Gavin Shepard

My name is Gavin Shepard. I am 21 years old, I live in the lower Michigan and have a passion for waterfowl hunting that drives me all year. I started hunting waterfowl at the age of 8 and picked up my first call around 12. In the off season I work construction and train dogs. Waterfowl hunting is what I live for, from September to April I try to be in a field everyday I can. I have chased birds up and down the flyway from Canada to Arkansas and Texas. Guiding hunts is the most rewarding thing I can think of when it comes to waterfowl hunting. There is nothing better then getting a group of guys in a field that don't get to enjoy hunting as much as some because of there busy schedules and calling the shot on a big group of birds trying to sit on your feet, the look on there faces never gets old!