the best Guided Conservation Snowgoose Hunts in Texas

Snow Goose



Our price point ensures quality access to some of the best guided conservation Snowgoose hunts near Lubbock. We provide some of the best Texas spring snow goose conservation season hunting in the state. Our season usually starts in mid February and runs till mid March.

The Hunt

Our guided conservation Snowgoose hunts usually take place north of Lubbock. We recommend making housing accommodations a day or two before you arrive to cut down on morning travel time to your hunt. We will let you know a good town to stay in. We hunt our snow geese over huge white spreads with tons of motion and sound. We use Divebomb Industries decoys and lay under the decoys in padded goose chairs. Often times we hide in white tyvek suits, blending into the goose decoys. Those will be provided for you. Check out the FAQs page for more info on hunts.

No Limit Goose Hunts

During the conservation season plugs and limits don’t come into play. It’s not uncommon to have 50-100 bird days. We recommend getting an extension tube while hunting snow geese. We can help out recommending sites and brands where you can purchase extension tubes.

Season: Feb. 15 – Mar. 14

Daily Bag Limit: No Limit**

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