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Duck And Teal



Our price point ensures quality access to some of the best guided Duck & Teal hunts near Lubbock. Ducks start arriving in early October, and by the first of November there are large populations of pintails, mallards, widgeon, green wing teal, gadwall, and some divers including redheads and canvasbacks. Ducks are around the majority of season.

The Hunt

The majority of our duck hunt are conducted over playa lakes which are shallow depressions that fill by rainfall. Most are no more than 2 feet deep and can range in size from 1 to 10+ acres. Duck hunts are conducted during the morning only as we have found that afternoon hunts are not very productive. It is possible, given the right conditions to hunt ducks in dry fields. We hunt our ducks with full body floater decoys and hide in layout blinds, A-frames, and laying under goose decoys. We will decide witch method will work the best given the circumstances.

Normally you will have the chance to kill some bonus geese and cranes. Morning duck/afternoon crane hunts are a awesome way to spend a day in the Texas panhandle. Recommended shot sizes for ducks are #2-#6 shot. Check out the FAQs page for more info on hunts.

More On Duck Hunting

Guided Duck & Teal hunts in the panhandle is complicated, yet rewarding. Our ducks roost over water and often times feed in grain fields. We hunt the ducks when they return to water witch is usually in the very early morning so be prepared! Given the right cloudy, cold conditions we are able to hunt them in the dry fields where they feed.

Season: TBD

Daily Bag Limit: 6 Ducks with hunter’s choice bag system.

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